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  • Hey mate im about to start course in a week wondering if theres any handy hints and anything special i should bring. Also what are the physical requirments?

    thanks alot
    Hi kaz just a quick question , i' will be leaving the army in the next year and would like to get involved with CP. I have been serving in the army for 5 years including Infantry and Air Corp. Problem being there are that many course out there it is hard to choose 1. Another question , how is it for work i mean is it easy enough to get a job, that is if i pass the course. Many Thanks Liam
    Im just about in my last year of a 23 Yr Army Career and am looking at doing the G4S Cse. I am previsionally booked on the course end Mar 11. Could you give me a run down of the Sylabus for Pre-Revision. I take it that weapons are involved + unarmed combat?
    Your assistance would be much appreciated.
    Kaz1983, im on the phoenix course May 23rd of next year extremly excited!. ex army myself left august 09 with two tours under my belt. Any advice for the course , whats the prospects looking like for employment ?? syco42@hotmail.com thats my email address mate give us a shout.

    cheers cocko

    Sorry for late reply bit hectic on leave!
    ELC confirmation took few days and I agree dealing with both i have had no problems either, and Phoenix have been really helpful and understanding as its my first ELC too. I've reserved a accom for the night before also!
    Take it easy,

    I should have a confirmed place this week. How long did it take you to get confirmation from ELC? This is my first claim but speaking to the admin staff on the phone they seem pretty good. So far dealing with ELC and Phoenix has been with no problems, just need the confirmation form!
    Speak soon

    I am in the process of booking Phoenix (25 Oct). Just waiting for ELC to send confirmation. I have many friends completed this course and all gave positive feedback. Hopefully see you on the course.

    end of Oct my course is, its G4S Phoenix Cp, they're on here and via their website too.

    its good to have more matelots in the industry always good for networking and future work etc.

    Will let you know if wilplan any good. When you doing G4S? I didn't come across them doing CP trng when I was looking.

    The course is with Wilplan based near Standish. It is a 21 day residential course with fire arms training in Geneva. I looked at a lot of courses and this wasn't the cheapest but seemed to have the most to offer. Another good one seemed to be Clearwater but I chose Wilplan as all food and accom was included. I will let you know how it goes.

    Think I sent this to myself first - will get used to this eventually.
    Hi Kaz, this is CoyoteW, in response to your post on my question:
    I was a cpo tiff, served 18 years, 14 years on submarines, now however I am 48 years old and had careers in pubs, and property since. No HE experience at all unless you count being torpedoed and scraps ashore.
    Any pointers as I will be doing the course next week for 3 weeks.

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