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  • Hi Keeps,

    Thank you for your well wishing.
    I ment wot I said, found cctv-drv’s-cameras etc the whole thing a mind field, some suppliers wouldn’t tell me the spec of there drv’s said if they told me (would I understand ?) there jokers, I had idea they were old out of date drv’s
    My spoken English very good not just tourist English my typing English not bad my 8 year old girl helps me lots with typing. In English
    Tom give me 2 good cams to look at, as most I like the spec not the price ££. My girlfriend will not let me go out when we know there are thieves out in our garden. We have three new babiys. In April my girlfriend and me ad triplets another fact I wont to protect whole family my property. We live you say in the sticks if I ring police will come at once but will take 90 mins we are very isolated here. It’s Albanians & Bulgarians gangs targeting our property.
    Sorry Keeps this as turned in to a marathon message.
    Many thanks again

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