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  • IP address is easy get new ones even clone in this days Im happy abaut dedication to me but no need I don't request.
    I see some posts from T13 I must tell you I love most of then and I think T13 is right in most point of vieu if you can't handlle is your problem in my point of vieu some members don't have the know how to debate with her.
    You see any post of mine say Im close to His Holiness?
    Visioneer I advise you check you vision.
    Explanation from me?
    Is you play spook thing 007 I know you love James.
    Ah, Kelemansa, you appear to be sharing an IP address with our old dear departed friend, T13.
    We had noticed similarities, but gave you the benefit of the doubt, figuring it may be caused by the same Latin temprament, and an addiction to old news stories.

    Which is somewhat strange, as he was purportedly based in South America, whilst you dear friend, would appear to represent yourself as closer to His Holiness than his underwear.

    We await an explanation with interest.
    Kelemansa, whilst we appreciate that you may have a particular perspective on some matters, you recent posts have veered into peronal abuse of another member.

    Take a week off, and come back with a better temper.
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