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  • Kelv,

    Allan Archer here, I am brand new to this as I mentioned on my earlier thread. I hope you are keeping well and life has not played you a bad hand. I have just over a year to go then I am out, at this point I have no real idea what I want to do but I thought I should keep my finger in as many pies as possible. All the best Allan :)
    Hi Kelv its feg AKA l/cpl Finnigan dont know if you remember me but im still in and currently about to sign off and would really appreciate some info and guidance on the best avenue to purrsue a career in the CP industry.

    Regards, Feg
    aw right Kelv, am new to the site am not ex argyil however was royal scots moved over to germany currently with the cone heeds 4 scots putting in for ma last six months wae 5 scots, oot this year august 22 years completed, will be booking my course soon with ronin concepts uk, looking for friends and aw that stuff
    awrite ma son i was in argylls got out after herrick 8 just after some advice on cp if you have the time cheif. Tagz.
    Hi there Kelv, im not sure it is you but where you at RMAS round about 2000 - 2002? If so i was there 2002 - 2004. How are you?
    Mark Crosby. Then Green Howards, Now Yorkshire Regiment.
    You sound like the man in the know.
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