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  • Hi ken were you in the forty twa,if so its boxer,looking to get involved in cp,does it matter who you do a course with.
    G'day Ken, am I right when I think that you were one of my PSD instructors at NSC back in 08? If so, good to see ya.
    //Moose (the Swede)
    Hi Ken. How are you. Did you get my message? Well i'm almost done with France, if you could give me some advices would be great.
    I've just re-read your CV, read it more then twice mate. Still brings a big grin and a wee chuckle!


    Hi Ken, Got passed ure details by JB aka UKS said to give you a shout as im new to the CP World and he said you'd be able to point me in right direction.

    Hope to talk soon

    Hi Kenpsd,
    Contractor here, new to the forum quick Question if you dont mind.
    Do you by any chance know of any recruiters in South Africa that are recruiting for Sudan. thanks for taking the time to read this, Regards Contractor.
    Hello Ken, how the hell are U I am at AB place, bugger me what a big lake he has in the basement, hope u are well, maybe catch up when you are next here.

    Stay safe

    Hey Grandad.... Harry has made an appearance in the lake, so I guess I now have evidence you aint as senile as we all believe...... hope you're well yu ol bast*d.......
    Ken ? slightly worried now that I've drawn a blank and your photos too small. All i recall from CP Course 2 at Bulford was Bob Kerridge drinking over 10 Barley Wines before the End Ex de brief. Shit that was nearly 30 years ago ! Please put me out of my misery !
    Hello kenpsd,
    I'm from the Netherlands and looking for jobs abroad.
    At my profile you can find my background.
    I hope you can help me with some contacts.
    jb here long time no see/hear mate hope all is well with you and your's? i see you're back in the pit again hopefully working for a decent company now

    catch you later good to see you're still about

    Hello Ken, not bad mate, hows the sand-pit going with the muppets? Erinys might have two gigs coming up in Nov, spoke to Abbo, looks good, hope it comes off
    HELLO KEN!!! how are you? this is mac from the PSD course in june, i hope you are well . cheers
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