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  • hey mate dont worry the new email thing has only been running 5 days mate so dont worry its still a work in procress

    cheers ed
    Hi mate how are things still working hard i hope , thought i would drop you a line just finished my level one in FPOS going to do my level two next month this all free mate. so how are things out there drop me a line .

    stay safe

    hi m8 how is everything going i sent you a pm the other day is it busy out there, i have changed my course provider to armutas they used to be longmoor for my fpos1 all so they are taking me on a fire arms course , the fpos1 is just 780 pounds but that is accomodation as well ,what is your new job like is it mind blowing and what you expected or completley the opposite. i am back on that crap job again after working at silverstone on hospitality big difference , anyway hope all is well keep in touch .

    stay safe ...out
    Hi Kevk,just clocked your post bud,yeh im on the 17th may course with longmoor,funny enough i just got off the phone to them,heres my number mate if you wanna give me a call if you have any dramas or just a general chat 07886589806, cheers Martyn
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