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  • Hi kev
    It's Andy Sloan mate. We were at camp oasis last year. Can you give me a bell mate on 07861781158
    Cheers pal
    Hi Kev, I'm new to the CPW medic forum and would like to make an introduction. I started a new thread but want to fill in the standard introduction page too. How do I do this please? Cheers
    appologies i need some help as on the medic download page i am unable to down load an links can u help
    Hello Kev,

    I'm new here,and I would like to introduce myself.I am an ex-member of the French Foreign Legion,I served there for 7 years and a half,mainly as a team medic and as a team lider.Now I would like to start working in the CP world,or as an Offshore Medic in the oil&gas sector.This is the reason why I am adressing myself to you,hoping that you can answer to some of my questions and help me with a good training,in order maybe to find a future job opportunity:)
    Dear Kev,

    Taking a pot luck here, you posted about a welsh guardsmen dying in Afghan, must of been a while....new to this.

    you don`t happen to be a ex welsh guardsmen do you?

    reason being I`m due out in a month or two after 23 years and new to all this.

    all the best Ian
    Kev,, as a moderator you may be able to shed light,, I just got an e mail & meesage thro private message:

    Macca, I asked this question some time ago and its turned into a med free for all. As an Operator, Instructor and Team Medic there have been many uses and abuses of this sytem. Various "experts" have offered opinions and suggestions either in this forum or by contacting me directly where they have to some degree all differed and have not supplied the definitive answer. As an operator I would like to have the correct and best equipment there is available, as an instructor I do not want to pass on wrong or conflicting information and therefore I consulted the forum to seek the best advice. As member of a well respected group I would like your opinion on the best advice and methods of use of the correct equipment. Without the bullsh...it.! Regards, skyguy skyguy3929@yahoo.com
    hey kev long time know here, hows things are you still in stan by any chance, sorry should say who it is, its james schembri
    Hi Kev hope you are well?
    Brand new to CPW but would like to ask your opinion on a course if I may?
    I have booked to go and sit a course run by PPA International, EMT-B and what I thought was BATLS medic. In your experience can you tell me if the course is good? the qualifications are useful?
    Thanks for your advice.
    I'm not sure if you have received my response to your question about CV.
    Please do and to admin@remotelocationmedic.co.uk Cheers.
    Corn-boy P.S. Gods Country is Cornwall!
    Hi Kev IM after a tactical medical course woundering if you could help out in anyway.I have looked at globaltacmed but no joy getting on2 the website

    any help please thanks
    Can you please delete my thread, as Moderator, in the DRIVING TRAINING section. All sorted.
    Hi Kev would it be possible to get some info on remote medic or expedition medic courses, and at what standard you have to be at to attend/cost etc
    Im in scotland but travelling isn't a problem for the best provider.


    You were recommended to me regarding advice on medical courses. Could you recommend the best sort for someone who is looking for a career change in the near future and hoping to enter the CPO and counter-surveillance industry.
    Many thanks in advance.
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