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  • You've had a bit of a rough ride regarding your first post. Don't worry about it, take it on the chin and move on. Welcome to CPW
    Look Lake, you kinda made a tit of yourself on the forum asking how to remove the SIA card from the SIA lanyard. But you seem quite determined to keep going, especially with your first door job coming up soon. Seen as your SIA training probably wasn't up to scratch, and you want to re-new your PI techniques, I'd be willing to accept you onto one of our advanced PI courses (where we cover the basic PI and then advanced moves, what this entails I can explain if you are actually interested). Its based in London, and next course is actually monday. Seen as you are on CPW we do do a CPW discount if you are interested.
    A lot of the folk on here probably will shrug you off now as a numpty who can't get a card out a lanyard, but come on my course and if your any good ill put in a word for you
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