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Recent content by legionaire

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    wat do u reckon

    Mmm we will see
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    wat do u reckon

    an your making out that u have never made a bad judgement on the doors? an that u have never lashed out? an if thats the case i think ur talking out ur hoop!
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    wat do u reckon

    shut up muppet. for one u no nothing about me and how i conduct myself. and 2 i was looking after my own safety as the bloke came at me whilst threating to stab me. i did not come on here for critism off people like u! giving it all mouth the end of the day uv no idea of the full situation an...
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    wat do u reckon

    it was only wen the other door supervisor turned the lad stepped closer to me an threatened to stab me? maybe not the best thing to do was to hit him but he was that close it was jus a naturall reaction to protect a threat against my life. now im obviously scared about losing my licence and...
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    wat do u reckon

    last sat early hours of sunday morning while working on my door i had sum bother with a couple of lads, the short version basically is. i spoke to the lad before he entered the bar an told him to behave himself tonight, once i did so the lad stood there an said to me. U THINK UR HARD DONT YA...
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    Best CP Reads

    the circuit. bob shepard
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    New to doors, need to be kitted out. 5.11 Non slip boots or alternatives?

    the hanwag sf goretex boot. bye far the best bye far
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    Sia application help !! Please read

    well if uv had no previous covictions and uv been in no bother in past year dnt worry about it u should be fine. and u can always appeal decisions if it ever did get declined. and in my experiance they nearly always get granted
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    Sia application help !! Please read

    i had a similar problem pal and i no alot of lads who have also. im pretty sure wen u fill ur application form out they only ask about the previous 12 months and if uv kept ur head down an uv no previous convictions u should have no problems. good luck
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    hostile enviro sia?

    im just curious as to why nearly or shud i say most cp employers insist on lads having a cp licence to work in a hostile enviroment wen theres no need outside the uk? id of thought bein ex army infantry etc would be more than enuf? but then u get lads leaving the forces from the rlc etc. doing a...
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    is it wise to keep a general purpose sec dog in the home especially with young children
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    danny forester? was he a full screw from mortars or anti tanks?

    danny forester? was he a full screw from mortars or anti tanks?
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    Any ex KORBR / LANCs out there?

    yeah 1 QLR AND 1 LANCS. left in 2007
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    advice please!!

    thanks mark
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    advice please!!

    hello all im quite new on here so i apologise if this is an old topic. il start with some background info first. im 27 and a ex british army infantry soldier i left nearly 2 years ago now an fell straight into security work. im currrently in charge of a control room for a small security firm up...
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