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Recent content by ljmccann

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    Armed Security

    We live in a ever changing world. Armed Prodessional security is the way ahead, our hand is being forced by the pirates, no one else. The way ahead is a governing body to weed out the crap, clear rules of engagement and case law in relation to armed security engageing pirates. Lets hope they...
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    What is going on?

    In relation to the experience factor; In all walks of life, especially in the work enviroment, people either start with no experience, a little experience or they have the competencies that can be built on. So there are people starting out in this industry that have aquired the basic skills and...
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    Armed robber shot dead by off-duty Police Officer in Belfast.

    I just can't believe that he shot the guy leaving with the swag only.I am more inclined to believe the witness statement that states the scumbag had a knife to member of publics throat. Police officers don't discharge their firearms in the U.K willy nilly, theres to much shit to follow. Poor...
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    Terror watchdog says UK is 'safe haven' for suspects

    Totally agree, thats why I moved to Sweden!!!
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    Applying for vacanices

    Well said!!!
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    Old and new Oppo's

    Taff, what are you called on facebook mate
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    Old and new Oppo's

    Hey up welsh boy, I will request you on facebook
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    Old and new Oppo's

    Good to hear that your settled with family etc, I have Reesey on facebook I think, so I will drop him a line. I live in southern Sweden 30 clicks east of a seaside town called Varberg. then 9 clicks north of Ullared. I live basically in the woods next to a lake. Very nice and safe here etc etc...
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    S.t.c.w.-95 course u.k

    Thanks guys, I will look at prices both end and decide from there. I was only thinking for U.K because of the language side. Yes I can read,write and understand to a degree, but not at course level where you need to take in everything. Once again thanks. and to Heimrisks tusen tack!
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    S.t.c.w.-95 course u.k

    Hi to all, Can anybody please advise me of where to do my S.T.C.W-95 course in the U.K as I reside in Sweden.I want to make sure my money is spent wisely and end up on a mickey Mouse ccourse....you understand cheers for now-
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    Old and new Oppo's

    Good thanks, sat at home watching the snow fall waiting to go pick up my daughter Ellie. So your a fireman! have you family etc, have you been in contact with Dinger or Stretch?
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    Old and new Oppo's

    "Get in the tank lofty" Hi fellow bootnecks, joined 1988, 40Cdo 89 C Coy, HMS Ark Royal 90,91-40Cdo A Coy, beefy B Coy- Comacchio Gp then finally Op Settlement N. Ireland. Uk Police 8yrs 4 of which in Tactical Firearms Unit. Then left last year as my wife wanted to move back to Sweden to be...
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    ljmccann Introduction on 31st January 2011

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. No Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. MARSEC Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. I need some English speaking friends as I am stuck in Sweden! joking aside, contacts and...
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    Hi Nick, I have read through your honest detailed advice for potential employees to the MARSEC...

    Hi Nick, I have read through your honest detailed advice for potential employees to the MARSEC industry.I am aware that you are trying to run a business, but could you take a little time to advice me about the following; 10yrs Royal Marines,18 months H.M.S Ark Royal, 3 Operational tours...
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