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  • CP training providers mate, I ran the Longmoor CP courses this year, moved on now but have experience and knowledge of several companies, Hawki in Kent are good, Safeandsecure in Newport are also good. I don't know is running the current Longmoor courses so cannot comment on their courses now.

    Type in the companies mentioned in your initial thread and there is lots which come up.

    Good luck, spend your money wisely.
    Hi Lou,
    Try and contact Paul Hutchinson at international-risks.co.uk
    I trained with his company (HICP) and have worked with him and he's a top bloke. He should be able to give you all the information you need. If they are still doing CP training it won't cost silly money either. Plus you could also go onto firearms training in th UK with ARG and Bob Duncley. One of the best firearms instructors in the UK.
    Best of luck mate.
    Try calling Dougie Durrant at NIBSSS on 07771 610679.
    Dougie is a top bloke and the course is second to none. most of his students go on to do quite well in the cp industry. Dougie is a really approachable chap and will happily answer any questions/concerns etc
    Good luck
    you can book your SIA close protection course with UCP Group, the course will begin on the 7th of november in PARIS!!! 2450£ inclusive!!! if interested contact me at christophe@ucpgroup.co.uk
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