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  • Hi Lozzy - Afraid I don't remember any comment - I also have not been paying attention to the profile (or even the site for that matter). However I am currently available for employment so should you have a requirement please let me know what it is and if I'm unable to assist I'm certain I will have a contact for you.

    I wonder if I might be able to tempt you into a spot of casual security work at all?

    We are really struggling to get decent licensed female staff onto our books.

    Please feel free to have a look at our website (Aesis Home) for more details on what we do and if interested in finding out more please email me via the links on the site or at toby@aesis.co.uk

    Kind regards, Toby
    Hi Lozzy,

    I have a short term contract coming up in London very soon, if you're interested please email me asap ross.muir@integoukltd.com

    Many thanks,

    Thanks for your interest. PM inbound. Please keep me in the loop with regards your license application.

    Many thanks again.
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