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  • M4 mate... I am all ready for the storeman/brew makers job when you get round to it... I have an NVQ level 6c in Tea making, Oh no that's my climbing standard sorry! NVQ level 2 in TM and I am dapper with the Singer 211G... :)
    Hello M4MED,

    Operator 144 suggested I PM you in relation to some advice on South America.
    I was wondering what the requirements are for expat security teams in relation to being armed in, Brazil, Columbia and Guatemala ?

    I have conflicting info, some tell me that expats cannot be armed at all and must hire armed locals ! My other info is, expats can be armed but are only allowed to use 9mm weapons !!! Are you able to shed any light on this for me ?

    Hi M4 is the SOS email the best email to contact you on? I would be grateful for advice/guidance in a matter ref quals' and course to do. Mac.
    You can find our email address on the webiste Specialist Operational Support - The SOS Group
    Best regards
    sorry to bother you i was just wondering if i should do a MIRA or VIPER course? im on a C.P cse in dec that qualifys me for FPOS (I) and i here your the man with the knowledge

    many thanks
    Hi Rob, please accept my apologies, we were conducting maintenance on the site. it is now fully oeprational again. We have FPOS courses running every month and have a Close Protection First Responder (incl. FPOS) course running in Durham in January. Our email address is on the website or you can PM me with your email addres and I´ll get straight back to you.
    All the best
    Hi guys im interested in a fpos course but having difficulty accessing your website, could you e-mail me some alternative means of contact info, and courses running in Durham area asap.

    Hi, Im ex army and starting as a student paramedic in sept. I like the sound of your clinical placement in South America. As a student paramedic at what skill level would I practise at? Also could you send me some details on prices etc. Thanks Joe
    Hi M4MED,
    I`ve Just completed the IHCD Tech course with Ronin SA and am very interested in doing an attachment with the Los Bomberos early next year. If you could you please Email me on damo-g@hotmail.co.uk with some more details like fees etc it would be very much appreciated.

    Hi. Im ex Royal Navy medic and just completing the IHCD technician course and would love to get some frontline experience. Please contact me on georgie-francis@hotmail.co.uk. or point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks
    Hi N4MED,

    I am a UK registered paramedic and I would like to get some more info regarding the clinical attachments in S. America. If you could point me in the right direction or PM me that would be appreciated.


    I have just taken my IHCD Tech course and am keen to get my 'hours' as soon as possible. I used to live and work in Belize and have visited Guatemala several times. I think it would be fantastic to get front-line work out there. Obviously I need to be supervised and signed off by an HPC Paramedic and was wondering if this would work. My email is dianepatrick@orange.net.
    Hope you can help me, Diane
    Hello M4MED,

    The Yantarni HEMT course looks like a very real opportunity. Currently investigation various, options - this one is on my shortlist.

    Thanks again for your advice,

    Hi there, once you have posted 5 times you will have access to the 'private message' function. Click on my profile and it will give you the option to 'pm' me and from there I can send you my email address.
    All the best
    hope you are well. I needed to speak to you and wanted to send you a private message but Im not sure how to do this. Is there a way i can contact you .
    all the best
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