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  • hey bro,

    I read your article on max security date march 2010. I have some questions about the course. I was wondering if you could send me your email and maybe we can have a chat.


    No idea what he is really saying sorry buddy, apologies for delay in responding not been on forum in a while .... kind regards Doc
    Hey dude!
    Glad I found you on here - have you had much success from the links on this site?
    Hi mag-to-grid,
    thanks for your response Buddy. No probs, legion ops, I go to GABON for 4 month's soon, toward the 5 octobre. That's aswell, I need to leaving the REgiments-quartier, stay to long inside now.
    You be employed now? Where you work? Otherwise, what do you like to do?

    I wish you a nice and sunny week without any problems, keep in touch,
    legionary friendship
    Blimey mate I'd just missed you at the Depot as I left RTS(B) in 97. Any info on circuit jobs give me a shout please bud, just processing out now so looking for work before the market gets saturated with the lads made redundant.
    Worked with quite a few lads in the Regt that are up in Baghdad now, some other lads are in Kuwait, Jordan and one I know of is in Angola and time for me to bang out now!!!
    Any gen much appreciated on courses or work bud. Stay safe Per Ardua
    thanks for the info. i'm gonna shoot off a mail to max regarding their 1st course. I see that you've done it, was there a lot of tactical stuff? live fire /dry fire exercises, krav maga etc? or mostly theory?
    Thanks Mag-to-grid...just got back from a few weeks work and saw your message. The site looks great and it's good to see there is still one going out there . I was part of a few others but they faded away or just disappeared. This one looks more permanent . Cheers. Per Ardua
    Hi mate,
    Yes your right about the pass rate.lol. So what made you go for max security? As you know im still scouting about all the different security firms to see which one is the best for me..(finding quite a few spanners on the way.lol)
    Hi there mate, ive just seen your post regarding cp courses and pass rates, im just a beginner like yourself but what ive heard off people on here is go for the Longmoor course, its around £4000 for the hecpo package and the price includes food and accommadation, also if you visit the Longmoor website im pretty sure it states on there that its a 100% pass rate, this is the company im definatley going to do (when i save the money.lol) I hope this helps mate and good luck.
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