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  • I have had to google them, they have a few open days coming up so may be worth a look. They say on their site that they try to avoid traditional vehicle based surveillance methods. I don't know how they will manage that and if you are operating on your own to start off with this aspect of surveillance will be important. In relation to the thread you posted people couldn't reply with a post for some reason hence the lack of posts. Also your private message facility is blocked. If people want to give you a private mesage they have to send it to visitor messages which are open to all. You are not pestering me at all, glad to help out. I do know that Peter Jenkins is second to none. Pick up one of his books, always useful as a reference guide as well as a learning tool. 'Covert Surveillance'., 'Advanced Surveillance', and I was told yesterday that he has a new one out. Should be listed on his web site. Regards MW.
    Thanks for the advice. I was told that THE SURVEILLANCE GROUP are pretty good, any thoughts on that. sorry to pester its just id like to get a good start as I'm a complete newbie.

    Hello Mate,

    I really appreciate and enjoyed your post regarding High Standards and how the industry has changed over the years. Your humbleness is greatly appreciated...
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