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    30th June, Strikes, Pay, Pensions and the PCSU

    He is related to another great Irish man OJ. Famous for bouncing off walls. Rick O Shea.
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    jamsgoforth Intro

    Welcome to the forum. An old friend of mine was a sergeant in the Marine Corp. Sgt Stephen Josten. He served some years back. He fought in the Korean war. He has since passed away and is buried in a place called 'Knock' Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland. Past and serving members of the USMC...
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    Scottish Election Bomb Plot

    Scots voters saved from terror attack after police foil by-election bomber - The Daily Record Is nowhere safe nowadays.
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    Bin Laden concerned

    Osama bin Laden was 'worried by terror network' | Herald Sun Probably the least of his worries.
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    Close Protection Cuts

    Tony Blair has number of armed protection officers at £3.5m London home halved in cut back | Mail Online A strange and dangerous decision.
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    Westminster Top Appointment

    Westminster Group?s Longmoor Security appoints UK Special Forces Major as COO - Proactiveinvestors (UK) This guy has some CV.
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    RMP on 'Relay' Run Doing their bit for charity. MW.
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    Norway shipowners welcome the use of armed guards

    I posted this on it's own in a new thread. Hopefully others will follow Norway and now Sweden. Swedish shipper deploys armed guards against pirates | News by Country | Reuters
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    Bomb Jamming Equipment

    Probably not. The terrorists will have acquired drones by then.
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    Commando Training Modern Style

    If only wars were movie scripts..., News - City - Bangalore Mirror,Bangalore Mirror Definitely the way forward to encourage young people to join the elite units. Working knowledge of playstations essential. On completion you get a certified qualification as an Advanced Telly Trained Commando...
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    Counter Terror Expo

    Counter-terror expo planned for U.S. Published: July 1, 2011 at 12:03 PM Related Stories Somali jihadists battered by airstrikes Al-Qaida still in cross hairs, U.S. says Adviser outlines...