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  • Marcus

    Licensed work at a football match. The work will be regular, and also for the duration of the footie season. The work will be the normal things you'd expect at a match; searching for alcohol, dealing with troublemakers if necessary, generally keeping the peace. Crowds are around 600-1000 per game, so not large numbers.

    Email me, dharmesh.parekh@profilesecurity.co.uk, or call on 07968 337971 if you are iterested.
    Hi Marcus.

    You wont know me mate, EX 3rd and 1st RRF not long finished working out in Iraq and looking for any contacts/ Networking to find work in UK or elsewhere. If you have any pointers mate would be appreatied.

    alright marcus sorry took us a while, to get bck to you, add us if u want mate, nick lewis.
    hope you keeping well.
    alright Markus, Nick Lewis, ex c.coy 2RRF, working over in Iraq at the mo, was with Rob The Bear for a while, but moved down South to Basra, was looking at your website, impressed, not really in to the door work, but am looking for out you have in UAE or around that area, If you got anything you need filling give us a shout , can send CV and wot ever you need, asap,

    Hopefully hear from you soon.
    hey marcus,
    im a complete novice to this field and im currently in the process of training for my door supervision license, this plasticuff and id spray courses caught my eye, im in essex and you said you covered that area,

    expressing my interest in the courses and wondered a few things,
    would you do a bulk cost if i book both at once
    would you reccomend that i do these courses or are they not right for me? (being a total novice)
    what qualifications do the courses yield and how widely recognised are the qualifications?

    any info would be great ^_^

    you can get in touch with me most anytime (except rite now via phone - off to bed in a sec lol)

    email: James.m.barry@btinternet.com
    home: 01245 429195
    mobile: 07876 508134

    hope to hear from you soon ^_^
    Alright Marcus,
    Don't think you know me I was in 3RRF&1RRF. Name of Andy Hardy (ollie) just finishing a contract have a CP SIA living up in Richmond Yorks. If you hear off anything going could do with the help drop me a line on olliestgeorge@yahoo.co.uk
    Wotcha Marcus

    Been told (by lildev666) you're the man to speak to about a DS course in the South-East. I'm out of the country at the moment, but I'll be looking into getting it done ASAP and working in the industry as soon as I get home in November. 2RRF eh? Good man yourself!


    cheers marcus am still waiting for sia to pull the finger out of their dirt hole but as soon as i can will try your advice.thanks again
    Hi Marous

    I just read a post where you said you have venues in herts, beds & bucks.
    I live in Luton and am looking to pick up some DS work.
    Can i ask what venues you have and are you looking for more staff.

    kind regards,

    Hi Marcus
    I read your interesting debate with Belfort & must say that I agree with you.
    I was told 5 years ago by a police man to do a control & restraint course & handcuff & baton training & it will will allow me to carry & use on private property with permission of the owner.
    Anyway you offered to advice on nearest training centres & courses.
    Im in West London is there any near?
    Also how much do these courses normally go for?

    Thanks for your help so far.
    My names Jason Logan, im a student at Leeds Uni and was looking at getting my level 2 in door supervision and my sia card.
    Any advice you can provide would be much appriciated. You cant contact me at either endurojay@hotmail.com or pm07jal@leeds.ac.uk

    Kind regards,

    Jason Logan

    PS i do drive yea.
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