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Recent content by martin_7606

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    Who knows any security recruitment agencies in london?

    Have a look at SSR Personnel
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    when i run

    Are you eating before you run? If so, don't. For me this used to cause a variety of pains to spring up all over my upper body which distracted me from running.
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    Anyone know of Herefordshire Recruitement and Training ?

    They have set up a shop, on Bridge Street in Hereford on the corner. Can't quite work out what it is that they are supposed to do, as the stuff in the window mentions all types of services.
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    Oh Dear.....

    Yes. Under his own name.
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    Realistic expectations

    I can not emphasise this enough: Do not waste your time and money on courses relating to the security sector - stay in the job at all costs.
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    situation in Algeria

    Two of those killed were ex pat security consultants (working for Stirling). One was Brit ex FFL and the other ex French SF. Algerian law does not permit the ex pat consuiltants to carry weapons. I doubt that this will change.
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    GoAGT recruiting British for TM role

    Genuine question - in this climate why are you needing to advertise? (Or in this case advertise the fact that you plan to advertise).
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    Still, it's a foot in the door!
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    I agree. This is the standard that we are now at. This company may be one of the worst examples, but they are not alone. I think it is time that resettlement centres which are seeing lads leaving secure careers in the armed forces to work in maritime security, switch on to the fact that there is...
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    CP Companies Take over

    I would be very suprised if this was correct. Individual contracts changing over, would be perfectly feasible, but not entire companies.
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    3 month + rotations

    I started on 12/4 and did that for a while. I found it very hard, I found that I was just wishing three months of my life away at a time - effectively living for one month out of every four, which was a hard thing to swallow. I missed so much with my Kids growing up that you can't get back...
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    ENG1 - Coulourblind

    There isnt a problem with colour blindness and Marsec work. I am badly colour blind, and have the worst level of colour vision possible, basically im one above black and white. I have had no problems and currently work in Marsec. It is only relevant for watchkeeping duties for the ships officer...
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    ENG1 - Coulourblind

    It wont affect your ability to work in Marsec. You will be marked as "fit for duty" but the form will be endorsed "not fit ofr watchkeeping duties" or somthing similair. It's not really relevant for us in Marsec. I am CP4 and have had no probs.
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    Criminal Damage - destroy or damage [think this is right place]

    Lower Court = magistrates and below (summary offence) High Court = Crown Court As you didnt even go to court, you're will be in the lowest of the lower category.
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    Any know of a Maritime Course Starting next week in UK !!!!!!

    What maritime course are you after SSO? STCW 95? There are thousands of courses that relate to maritime work, which are you after.
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