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  • Hi everyone , just a quick question.what is the best and easiest way to obtain a Saudi Visa. All help appreciated.
    Hi Martin,
    I have a fastball for a job tomorrow in the Wembley area 10 - 12 hrs at £10 p/h if you are interested ring me text me asap please.
    regards, Lee Martin
    hia mate not yet am working from the bottom to the top mate as i feel that its the only way forward for us civi types as we dont have the years of experience behind us to go cpo straight away, not beeing horrible mate but i carnt really see you getting a cp job just by doing 2 to 4 weeks on a course read what ervyone else says here mate unless you are x army or police its almost impossible that why i am working up the tree to see if i have a better chance that way.
    Good luck mate whatever you do through

    Keep Safe

    hia mate good to hear from you your best bet mate is to just start doing some form of security to get your experience up mate no point in tring to be a cpo straight off i am still a security guard amining to do door licence soon then cpo after another 3 years thats the key mate i belive
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