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  • Curriculum Vitae Brief Resume
    Name : Gianni Buzi
    DOB: 23 July 1967
    Via Cavour , 91
    Email: giannibuzi@infinito.it
    00047 Marino (Rome) Phone Number : 0039 339 2807845
    23, Electric Station Road
    NG34 Sleaford, Linconlshire home phone 0044 152 9302902
    assignments on Security Missions overseas :
    (only the ones authorized for public disclosure)
    - Republic of Yemen (2009)
    - United Arab Emirates (2006)
    - Republic of Latvia (2003)
    Diploma Security and Security Station Management
    Diploma Technical Sciences
    italian Security Jobs Certificate holder
    Other Work Experiences
    2009-up to present
    Security manager for Nova Victrix Ltd, Dalton house 60, Windsor Av, London,
    Actual job involving managing security Teams, both in Italy and overseas(Yemen)
    Massimino buonasera, mando il mio Cv nella speranza di Sua considerazione.
    Il mio profilo professionale redatto dal mio attuale employer è visibile digitando " Linkedin Gianni Buzi Nova Victrix " su qualsiasi motore di ricerca.
    Distinti saluti
    G. BUZI
    Hello fella,

    Just to let you know that the pasta i made was very nice!! Im sure it was not as good as the Italians make it ha.

    Anyways keep safe and who knows, one day we might bump into each other.
    Dear Massimino,

    Hope you don`t find this rude.However came across your profile a s you came up on my profile, anyway had a little read though your experience and well from reading some of your pass messages aswell, you seem to be the man in the know.

    Basically looking for some part-time work, short contracts , also from June will be looking for full employment worldwide,

    any tips?
    heads up?

    look forward to hearing from you

    sono un paracadutista e sto cercando di entrare in questo mondo..
    Se vuoi scambiare un po di pensieri sono a disposizione!!!
    Hi MASSIMINO,I am Mochy 45Years old(ex soldier,ex policeman,ex secret service),and I am holder of a Intl.Close protection officer certificate.I live in Firenze and I am interested in working in the
    WorldWide Protective Service(Hostile Environment Protection Teams).So when you are a good option for me ,please contac me.
    Salve Massimino, mi chiamo Carlo e sono di Milano. Vorrei alcuni consigli e informazioni riguardanti il CP, e penso che lei sia la persona più indicata. La ringrazio anticipatamente, la mia email è goldendeception@gmail.com
    Distinti Saluti
    Dear Massimo,
    thank you for posting Result Groups recruiting announcement. I would kindly ask you to add, that an application without meeting the minimum requirements has no chance of beeing considered. Currently we are getting very much unelegible applications from forum members.
    Thank you and best Regards,
    Hi good morning, My Name is Aron mesfin, I am a member of this fourm, I would like to attend the free training on how to open and run my own security recurutment Agency, Cany you please let me know the open day and times via my mob no.07983165889
    regards, I
    Hello Massimino,
    Are you a recuiter/head hunter? If so please tell me about the process. If not how do you come by al these leads?
    Best regards,
    Hi Massimino,
    I noticed that you're quite active in the forum, i'll be totaly available soon and i already started sending some cv's and since i'm not even a rookie in this industry could you please tell who could take a look at my cv and advise about what i can take or not.

    I have only recently joined this site, and am seeking what opportunities are available, and your posts seem to have insight into the industry, could you please have a look at my profile and tell me where I stand and options.

    Thankyou in advance.
    hello sono romano sarei interessato alle future vacancies, sono attualmente residente in uk e o frequentato corso di door supervisor e close protection edexsel b-tec level 3 e sono stato anche ex army spero che ti potro' essere di aiuto. per altre informazioni contattami su e-mail (tonyenzoawilda@live.co.uk) thank'u
    Ciao Massimino, anch'io faccio parte della tua stessa famiglia, ho frequentato il corso scorte con guida in sicurezza tenuto dal GIS nel 2004, non ho mai avuto esperienza all'estero nell'arma per i motivi che puoi immaginare, cmq a fine febbraio andrò in Uk per 20 giorni per un corso SIA CP, mi piacerebbe scambiare 4 chiacchiere con te visto che sei molto addentrato nel ramo. la mia email è frankfarmel@hotmail.com
    can i have your email address so that i can email u details of our company. we are located in Indonesia. irvan_s_w@yahoo.com please email me your details. thank you
    ciao massimino,faccio parte della tua stessa Arma, ma sono nei paracadutisti. Conoscendo il reparto puoi immaginare che ho diverse specializzazioni e ho girato gran parte del mondo. Sono stato 4 volte nei balcani, 2 volte in africa,Afghanistan,Iraq, Libano. In questo momento sono di nuovo a Kabul come CPT TL dove ho conosciuto contractor dell'armour group che hanno suscitato in me un grande interesse, postresti lasciarmi delle informazioni a riguardo? Grazie, la mia email e' granuja06@yahoo.it
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