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  • Hi May. Ex 2REI here, thought I'd get in touch. Seeing as you're in the maritime field all advice is highly appreciated!
    Just finished my contract (all 5 years in 2REI) and I'm planning on doing stcw95 + pdsd + MSO courses with The Training Wing in February and then obviously looking forward to working on boats! Got a couple of contacts but obviously nothing is sure until the papers have been signed.

    Have a great weekend and get in touch when you've got the time.
    Hi bro. Happy to meet you here.
    I'm gonna join my regiment on next Sunday. I have to do the FMIR from the 1st July to the 12th.
    I am patient, but the waiting was long hehe.
    When did you serve there?
    Best regards
    Salut Camarad!

    Je voulez just dire que j'ai vue votre photo au dernier "Kepi Blanc" concernant le 25 oct, je trouve ca interesant parce que vous correspond bien avec le visage j'avez imagine derrier votre signature!

    Le reglement inofficiel a la Legion dire en claire que si quelquin est sur une photo dans le "Kepi Blanc" il doit un caisse de biere au lui qui est le premier a le trouve!
    Mais bon, bien sure le photo de depart ca ne conte pas comme ce est le seul exeption de cette regle.
    Hello guy i do my first post but it's difficult when you don't practice regularly english. I have to work but i'm motivate. Thanks for your motivation. Good evening.
    Hi bro,

    Well I'm glad hearing good news about yourself, your hard life ;-) , and your excellent projects!Enjoy your holidays and all the advantages your deserve after your well accomplish years of duty...
    Carcassonne is a well located place in France military speaking, as Hereford in the UK, I m sure you'll make many friends over there.
    My contract end up the 17th of August, and I'm ready for the September's PCASP course.I did my ENG1 medical examination in La Valbonne as you advised me to, and I'll be available for the Marsec industry by begin October,so let me know if you know anything about companies looking for people.
    By the way, I 've reactivated my PADI diving instructor certification, so if you have time and are interested ,we are organizing a certification session
    at la Malemousque from 5 to 9 September, just let me know ;we could arrange something...

    Take care,

    Legionary friendship,

    hey bro just new to the site and came across a post u made for a job in iraq for tier 2 medics, i interested in it just unsure as to how it all works, please advice
    hi may i am new to site,looking for info on maritime sercurity,i was h .m forces 8 years done my sso,stcw 95,anti piracy, just dont seem to get any when looking for job cheers
    Sepp, servas, lustig oder, dass wir ein gemeinsamen Freund haben, den Stefan. Ich schick dir noch eine private Nachricht mit meiner Email, dann können wir uns dort unterhalten...

    Machst gut derweil

    Thanks for the add brother

    If I can ever help I will and to the best I can

    Best Regards
    Thanks Josef, I hope when I get my CP Licence I will look for a contract in High Risk with a company,
    Have a great day,
    Thank's Josef, so you will be out next year, there is lot's of work on this site from time to time, a lot of private contractors out there most of the time they find employment with companies, befor you can work with any company they will ask for your close protection Licence (CP) www.sia.co.uk
    Well I was in south France, in Premiere company a French speaking unit I had the best shot with the rifle on the range I hit the 3 corners on the red target and one in the center, but was not given the score because of one small bit of red on the corner! just my luck!
    Hi MAY, thanks for the request welcome to CPworld, I was in the Legion sorry to say it wasn't for long I'm in Private security in Dublin now, will do the sia CP course in about FEB,
    Welcome on board!
    Hey buddy,

    Nice to hear from you. Sorry been in touch just been lazy hahaha.... All is well the mat, I was still waiting for the contract in Iraq to happen but things where just taking too long. I have got a contract with a company in Kabul, I deploy on the 1 st October,so really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

    How's tricks your end mate??? What's news, when you leaving the Legion????

    Stay safe
    Hi Josef,
    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner mate but I have been in England teaching an S.S.O course.So I am now sat at home with the family while I wait for a phone call from one of the Maritime companies that I work for with a date to redeploy.I am a TL so things are pretty good at the minute.
    How long will you have served in the Legion Etrangere when you leave my friend,I have the greatest respect for legion guys and I have a few mates that are former legionnaires that are currently working in MARSEC. As well as a few I met that worked for Sertamar (my spelling might be wrong on the company name lol) in Yemen. If I can pass on any info with regards to work I will gladly do so and if I hear of anyone recruiting i will let you know.The monsoon season is coming to an end so piracy should be on the rise again especially with the current situation in Somalia.

    Keep in touch mate,
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