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  • Hi MC222,

    Sorry for the really late reply. I also have had bad dealings with them and he owes me alot of money and wanted to know if you had any contact information or if possible any recent addresses. Any information that could help would be a appreciated, and again sorry for the late reply.

    He has a group also The Security Risk Management Training Institute (SRM-Ti) | LinkedIn you might want to start a discussion lol. £3000 is a lot of money, I'd go for it via county court, at least it will flag up as a CJ.
    Hi ditw1988.

    If its CP &Maritime UK Ltd. they are fraudsters in the true sense of the word. Their MD is Mark Williams (ex army I think) who I understand had to leave Iraq because he was trying to steal a contract. His partner is Jane Craven. They set up in Spain, because Williams also has problems back in Blighty I have been told.

    If it is the same company, they fleeced me for £3000 when they didn't pay for a CP course I ran. All in the past now and I have accepted it as a bad debt and I won't ever see the cash. However, I wouldn't like anyone else to fall foul of them. What is your interest in them?

    Hi MC222,

    Wondering if you can help me i found a link to this company and wanted to know where its based. the company name is close protection maritime uk ltd i found them through a google search and wanted to know if they legit?

    many thanks
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