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  • CONTD...Ive heard about pinoy guys had to get wives to sell all PERSONAL belongings just to feed the family ,Having to sell TVS, Motorbikes,Domestic appliances and family jewellery just to be able to afford a sack of Rice because NICK DAVIS did not pay them in SIX MONTHS plus they had been on a rate of $1000 a month only .One Transit at $25 Gs would have covered 25 philipino guys ,I worked with GoAGT They had on Average 40 Transits a Month sometimes more!! So do the maths - Nick has walked away a rich Man, Nick Davis needs to change his Title on this Site from "" Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre to a "Disgraced former CEO" who ****ed up a good company because he was to busy trying to take over the World of Maritime Living a Champagne Lifestyle and in his own WORDS TAKING HIS EYE OFF THE BALL...Many small MARSEC comps are now thriving while he has Sank due to his total incompetency .
    iTS True Some Good Guys in Malta some useless signings winging it also likes of Westover, Mossy Mahon and his idiot Brother..No need for dinosaurs like them or Northwood..All the Loyal guys stayed loyal as it was always the way for wages to be about two to 3 Months Late ..But now when I read NICK DAVIS talking about his family and payments it sickens me as he would always look to fly First or Business class with him and his Mates...Riding different Women in Malta Dubai RAK,UK and Isle if Wight ..While his loyal staff that included many good Irish British and Filipino guys left with no salary for 6 Months ..Stories about the Filipinos regularly circulating that they had to borrow from dodgy money lenders at a high interest rate or punishment beatings when not paid ,.....
    Hey! would you kindly advise on floating armories near Madagascar.


    Thought I'd drop you a line whilst I was searching on here for information about GoAGT.

    I've been on the circuit now for the past 18 months, working for a couple of respectable companies, the last 6 of those months I've spent as a MSTL.

    I have heard good things about GoAGT and I admire the way you are running the company and I would like to be considered as an asset to the company.

    I have emailed in my details to Maxine, I've got a decent enough background Nick and a decent head on my shoulders. I want to further progress in my chosen career and being a TL is by no means the end for me certainly.

    If you could send me a little more information about how GoAGT operate and the salary etc, I would be most grateful indeed mucka.

    My email is markguthrie74@gmail.com.



    PS.....are you the same Nick Davis that was based down 40 CDO?? If so, I've met you a few times, but mostly whilst enjoying a pint in the Winch!
    I have recently completed STCW95 and SSO/PFSO course, i am still serving in the Army until 15th March do you have contracts or just transit work ?
    Apologies for the PM as i understand you want CV s forwarded to the e-mail address with regards to shore based vacancies.

    Thankyou for the opportunity but the e-mail address does not show up.

    Is it possible to forward the e-mail address via PM.

    Kind regards in advance.

    Chris Fleury.
    Seeking employment in maritime security/ private security as a team member/ leader!

    Ex-military NCO, wide experience - both NAVY and ARMY ( OIF, ISAF). Just finished SOLAS course here in Riga. All vaccination needed for work in mid-east. Can work anywhere on the globe.

    For more info and/or CV (resume) : rupeiks.arturs@gmail.com

    Take care!

    Hi Nick, I am looking to get int the MARSEC industry towards the end of the year, i was wondering if you could give me an idea as to how i would get on with what i already have and plan to do, so far i have

    - 4 years working onboard a private yacht ( including 4 Atlantic transits)
    - Some former RM training
    - Seamans book
    - STCW 95
    - Yachtmaster (commercially endorsed)
    - Power boat level 2
    - ENG 1 medical
    - A.E.C engineering certificate
    - I plan to do a CP course towards the end of the year

    Some advice as to how to get into the MARSEC industry would be very much appreciated
    Kindest Regards
    Hi, I am looking at doing my SSO course at the end of the month i would be interested in the 2 months on 3 weeks off when do the contracts start, im still currently serving with SFSG but can get early release from unit if i have a contract offer, Thanks Dom
    Good day,
    We have spoken before via PM but i have heard anything from my last reply. As i said i have served six and a half years as both a Weapons engineer and a Warfare specialist. I have been in a variety of ships security roles including Static/roaming upper deck sentry, SPO trained and a member of the boarding party on deployment to the Arabian Gulf and the Caribbean in an anti piracy role. I would be grateful if you could pass me any advice you many think suitable and tips to help secure employment within the Marsec industry. I am currently seeking to move from my current employment as a translator. I would like to thank you in advance for your time.
    Best regards
    Steven Costa
    Hi Nick,

    I have read through your honest detailed advice for potential employees to the MARSEC industry.I am aware that you are trying to run a business, but could you take a little time to advice me about the following;

    10yrs Royal Marines,18 months H.M.S Ark Royal, 3 Operational tours.
    8yrs Police service,4 of which Tactical firearms unit.

    After reading your post and other information I believe I should aquire my S.T.C.W-95 certificate. Reference your comments abouts S.S.O.requirements with the suppliers of personnel. If I can afford to aquire my S.S.O. licence should I do it? Finally is the course you recommended for first time deployment personnel been recognised officially yet, could you send prices, dates etc.
    I look forward to your reply. best regards Liam McCann.
    Hi There,

    I have a couple of friends on the circuit one of whom is an ex LC, he is currently working as a TL doing armed transits and patrol boat tasking's in the GoA/IO. To cut a long story short I hadnt seen him for several years and bumped into him a few months back. He offered to vouch for me however due to the length of time I have been out the service and the fact that I came from a RN background it was suggested I seek out a relevant training package to bolster my C.V and employment prospect's. Having read your thread about requirements I decided to look at your website re your STO training course but could only find SSO plus would you be able to provide me with course details and prices for the STO course. My background within the RN consist's of just under 10yrs service served within the gunnery branch. I left in 2000 at the rank of Leading Seaman. Any advice you might be able to give on starting out in the sector would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards Jock
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