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  • Hi mate, saw your post about kit - anything you want or for recommendations of kit get in touch - bjr@rennickltd.com we do body armour, med packs the works
    milly6969 i was ex royal irish myself and done my cp course through phoenix april past.i,ve been out 2yrs now but managed to get a job out in afghan with them .One thing to remember with the phoenix course is they are a trainor/employer so if you do alright u have a realistic chance of gettin a job with them although ur realistically talkin 3/4 months for ur job offer .course itself mate was good craic nothin u wouldnt have done in the job (thing to remember mate is that this is a hard industry to get a foot in the door)so seriously consider phoenix as they will give you an interview at the end of the course the rest as they say is up to you!! As for funding ur elc,s you need to apply for that but because its a level three course shouldnt be any dramas gettin it should knock about a grand of the course(they send the money directly to ur course provider) any else just message me FAB
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