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  • Hello MMM

    Just a friendly greating

    Gerard Lawson

    (Origin Mvurachena Farm Zimbabwe)

    +4477 590 600 63
    Skype: gerard-lawson
    Howzit Selous,

    Good to hear from you. Yea, time takes its toll on the best of us...
    I might have something on the go soon, PSD possibly, if it looks good (for us toppies) Ill give you a shout.

    OK Shamwari,

    Howzit MMM,

    Sorry I haven't answered sooner. Very tempting. Was in Iraq just over three years ago on a gig and too be honest I'm getting a little long in the tooth for it myself. Most of those I know are in the same boat or out to grass. Good luck and stay safe in the shuttine. Keep in touch

    All the best boet

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