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  • Hi mate,

    Just joined the site and having a look around, you seem to know the score so wondered if I could pick your brains some time.


    Hi Mike

    I'm looking at training with the Surveillance Group with a view to getting employment through them based in London. This forum has some old posts stating that ISS training and job prospects are better so wondered if you could give me some advice.

    Many thanks.
    Mike, Cant pm, may be of interest to you:


    HI Mike

    Shame i didnt get to chat with you on thursday night but these things happen

    I know from John that your Manchester based is that right???? As i am and im loking to get into the surveillance side of things wouldnt mind abit of a chat

    Anyway take care

    Speak soon i hope and if you are Manc based let us know maybe meet up fr a brew and a chat


    just reading some earlier posts now that Csc course that you have done would you recomend it??? Also i am just your normal guy ex infantry 14yrs doing cp now not saying that im thick or anythink is it a nails course lol

    cheers any advice
    Mike, im ex rmp got out last year (Aug) after 7 years, im now working for The Surveillance Group Ltd they are on the company list for surveillance on this site. Good money plus you can do the advanced surveillance course (level 3 BETEC) using ELC. Pay is 28 - 31, 000 per year. hope this helps. J
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