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  • Hello Mochy,

    Thank you for the info on Security Specialist position Mexico City, Mexico. I emailed them and they advised me that this opening will be closed for now.

    Again I thank you and have a good one.
    Hello Mochy,

    My name is Alex,and I served in the French Foreign Legion for 7 years and a half,and I'm new here(and I saw that you are romanian?)and I would like to know more about courses,trainings that I can do ,and can help me in finding a job(in the CP worl) in the near future.
    It is a good course and the Instructors are really good. However I only have to negatives about the course. If you were wanting lots of Frontline CP training then this is not the course as you only do 1-2 days of this, nut if you are wanting to do corporate CP then this is the course for you. I dont know what experience you have in the military but if you have done a few tours of aghan or iraq you shouldn't worry too much as you already have contact experince.

    The second thing is they offer interviews at the end however on my course and the course before no one got a job.... whether it be they didnt have any availble or didnt want any those from both courses I dont know, so dont bank on getting a job at the end of it.

    You do have a steep learning curve but it is fun and exciting in a new way. I would also recommmend enrolling on an SSO course as this will help with finding a job.

    Any other question let me know and I will be happy to answer.

    poti sa imi spui cate de greu se gaseste de lucru in domeniul asta si daca merita o investitie intr-un curs?
    Salut sunt roman si eu am vazut ca ai facut cursuri la euseca as fi interesat si eu sa urmez niste cursuri la ei poti sa imi spui cum a fost despre calitatea cursurilor si daca diploma e recunoscuta international ?

    mihaib2007@yahoo.com as fi interesat sa pastram legatura.

    This is Oz. From SMGroupLLC. You have re-posted a Job ad from SOCNET. As I am the original poster on SOCNET, and this was done without my permission. I must now insist that you remove it.

    How are you buddy !!!

    I a still in Amsterdam at the moment, off to UK next month to undergo my SSO/PFO and PFSO course, hopefully get some work on the ships of all being well !!

    Hope all is well mate,

    Hi Mochy!
    I saw your post about "Job Title 1408 - SAN Engineer / Afghanistan".I am interested in this position.
    In that case if your client wins the contract of course. I have a wide profile in Telecom(GSM,UMTS,Optical,MW,IT etc.). My name is Costa.I live in Uzbekistan.I could send you my CV.
    Do you know about another open vacancies in Kandahar Airfield?Could you help me please to find one's?I am strongly looking for a new experience and want to do a part to support the soldiers and civilians here.I'd like to be useful and helpful for this big and friendly team.
    PLEASE,if you know something about getting a job(all jobs) at Kandahar Airfield share with me.I have a great wish to work there.
    I hope for your help.
    Sincerely Yours
    Ma bucur sa vad compatrioti pe aici..
    MOCHY, mi-ar face placere sa discutam, am nevoie de cateva sfaturi.
    Adresa mea de messenger: alinmst@yahoo.com
    Hey Mochy,

    All is well thanks mate, just chilling out in Amsterdam with the girlfriend. How's things your end ???? I sent your CV of to Global, so fingers crossed you might here something !! Also did you fill out your details on there website. That is a BIG MUST !!

    Hope all is well thou mate.
    Hi Mochy,

    I can only speak for TASK and tell you why our course is a good option. The TASK CP course is designed for anyone looking to work in high end executive protection in permissive environments. The course is delivered and overseen by industry professionals with extensive experience in the field of CP.

    Hey Mochy,

    Nice to hear from you ! Bad news is mate, I am not in a position to employ any body ! I am just a Teal Leader for a project on the ground in Afghanistan. what I can do mate is forward you a website with who I work for and you can go from there !
    Noce to hear from you,
    Hi Mochy,

    I f you are looking to get into executive close protection I would recommend the course offered by TASK international...Task International - HOME

    Harry Black
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