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  • I recommend Commando Krav Maga because it's super intense, simple, but incredibly affective. A course takes only one week to become level 1 instructor, and it is incredibly helpful in learning how to fight multiple opponents, disarm both knifes and weapons, and also how to use little of your energy to take down an opponent much larger. I say definitely go for it. It's quite brutal, but it is extremely effective. I say, start with this because it's a short course that will help you determine if you would like to pursue it further. Plus, you can make some extra cash teaching others your new cert. Be aware, the course if very difficult, and you'll have a difficult time with moving your body, and the soreness will be incredibly intense. Oh, and the cost is like 2k, but it is worth every penny. I hope this helps.
    B Kenney
    Hi guys, I am looking at Krav Maga I am a 2nd dan judo but there is a club opening near me soon is it worth joining or should I stick to judo any advice would be good.
    Hi guys looking for advice, had badge 2 years but not ex forces or police sent so many cv's off applied to loads of compaines with no luck, did door work which kept the wolf from the door, now work for a private school on their security team what other quals/skills would make me more attractive to any future employer.
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