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  • Hi monty, am boxer ex black watch now with 4scots due to get out soon, looking to get involved.billy easton
    Hi Mate

    Hows you?

    Got contract with Page Group through an old Army Pal who is out in Afghan with them. Hope to deploy early 2012 as on self employed contract locally and gives me time to sort my admin.

    Hi Monty,
    Not so much as c.v.'s mate more business carding where you can.
    If you do make a good contact then maybe having your CV on a memory stick or smart phone may help.

    I wouldn't bother weighing yourself down with reams of paper mate..;)

    Most of the chat happens at the bar area,"obviously" so it can get quite congested in there.
    Once the presentations start then most of the members get seated or move on to other areas to chat etc.
    Hi Mucker, sorry dude, cant make it to the networking event, gutted, i am deploying to the southern oilfields in Basra in Mar so wont be back til May time.
    Hi Monty,
    Thanks for the feed back mate.
    Yes this will be my third year attending the C.P. World networking event.
    The V.S.C. is a great venue tailor made to hold such an event.
    I believe as last year once you arrive in the foyet you will be ticked off a list of attendees etc, then given a name badge with your Forum / Avatar name and real name.
    Will be nice to meet you and fellow forum members.
    Feel free to pick my brains ,,lol
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