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  • Hi MM, been reading a lot of your posts for a while and they are very informative. I'm ex Royal Marine, and due to graduate as a paramedic this summer with a FdSc degree in paramedic emergency care. I noticed you were based up in North Wales. I'm from Menai Bridge and hoping to move back to the area if and when I get a job with WAST. Just waiting for the advert to go up after Easter leave. Would be great to chat more with you about the mountain rescue side of things as It's something I've always wanted to be involved with!
    I have been sending out my resume like mad trying to get a remote position. I have 14 years in EMS and a lot of experience working in very busy 911 systems. It hasn't gotten me very far.....What is it that I need to get a remote position? IM DYING TO DO IT! lol any help would be appreciated, I do a ton of searches all the time trying to find new places to submit my resume too. Any other good job boards for this that you can think of?
    Prometheus last course is jan '14, Im desperately seeking a conversion course from a technician level 3 to paramedic, im based in north London.
    please advise.
    I can't seem to respond to anything on the site. Why? I am registered..anyways fyi

    The medic post in Malaysia:
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    Hi Mountainman,
    Did you manage to find any decent internet tools? I saw that original question of yours but couldn't see where it was moved to by the mod.
    If you didn't get any recommendations let me know your thoughts and I shall see if I can point you in the right direction!
    hey i got a thread I just started and I was wondering if you could check it out and give me your input. Its called Young individual looking for a start in education. I am kind of looking to get into either offshore drilling rig medic or to private security medic, either would be my choice of way to go its just my starting point im unsure of.
    good mornin pal...im interested in this job.got a lot of expirience in work at location...got all equipment(for connin jobs).got my own fully converted van.so,where is the work isnt any probs for me...was attached to security staff while prodaction companys was filmin many famous movies like james bond...snow and whites,jack ryan and many more.if you still have space,please let me know.many thanks...alex.
    Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your posts, I am still looking for work in Maritime, Ex Royal Marine, with one year in current role and its slow at the mo ( if you know what I mean ) any way any help would be good Best Regards Dave
    G'day mate, I just tried sending you a pm but your inbox is full. Nothing of importance just touching base and saying G'day as I have been slack for the past 6 months or so.
    Hey Mountain Man, seem like you a are a great contact to have on this forum.
    Seen the many posts you have put up, awesome work, keep it up.

    Will be digging deeper into the Forum to see what available for me.
    Based in the UK, www.serpent-medical.com was formed by ex military medics with significant CP experience. Our unique business model, distinct from that of an agency, enables us to provide the most experienced medics at minimal cost with flexible contracting. I have quite a number of people currently within our database actively seeking the opportunities which you describe and I would be more than happy to assist in placement now and in the future.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me at info@serpent-medical.com for further information.

    Kind Regards
    R Masters
    Network Co-ordinator
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