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Recent content by MrBluePlaydoh

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    Clarify Security Guard Role

    Can some one update me if the rules have changed regarding security guard licence holders working at shops, Just i was in a discussion with some one saying "as a SIA security guard hasnt done conflicted managent they can no longer work at shops due to the queing out side so would need conflict...
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    Stab Vests

    Hello ladies and gents, I saw a post way back in 2008 about vests and i didn't want to necro that post so starting another. I would like some recommendations with links if possible for a stab vest for a door supervisor. Thank you in advance.
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    Body armour

    Following this as i have also looked at the same web site.
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    Advice with criminality check

    Sorry for delay in reply, I have found the paper work i got from the courts and it was a conditional discharge 12 months them 12 months are over now so i assume its over and discharged now. So i have done the online checker again on the SIA web site and put in "discharged" for the charge...
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    Advice with criminality check

    Thanks for the reply premier, Yes i already been charged this happened a year ago but the SIA still identifies me as a hardcore criminal, I can go on stag with a rifle but can not stand on a door at the local weatherspoons lol.
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    Advice with criminality check

    Hello guys and girls, Bit about me first, 19 years severed in the military 11 years Royal Navy, 8 British Army never been in trouble with the law the whole time till i met my ex. She has already admitted she only went to the police to cause me aggro, She got me charged with Harassment without...
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