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  • Yes, i work at Pendennis very busy but not the industry im happy in! Hence why im on here are you local to Pendennis
    Hiya and good afternoon

    Im Steve Boden and have some questions to ask.

    I'm doing a conference call this evening (10pm GMT) with Angela if you have any questions can you send me an email:


    This is to confirm or not any outstanding issues brought up by the deployment and susequent deployments of Pax.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    I'm hopefully on the list to come out, but have another prospective task in Saudi for a few weeks.

    Stay Safe

    Steve B

    I am Paul McHaffey 12 years R Irish and am one of the hordes awaiting deployment. Any details on deployment would be much appreciated.


    Paul (Pamch)
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