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Recent content by NeckyRecce

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    RAC Second Career

    Noticed there are a few different regimental/corps threads on here, and although RAC regiments are very close-knit, they do represent a large number of the Army, with arguably relevent transferable skills (surveillance, reconnaissance, protected mobility, force protection, etc.), so surely...
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    Specialist Security Management

    Having worked in Security Management for a number of decades now, initially doing events pre-licencing (last century in fact ), then in the military, then private sector and now in the public sector I am always interested in continuing professional development and very much of the opinion that...
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    Transition into Security Management

    Now that I am beyond the 5 year point since leaving the Army, and settled in to a Security Management position that I'm content with I've been doing some refection on the path I took, the pros and cons and some of the sights I continue to see with people making the transition from the wider...
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    FDA Protective Security Management. Bucks University.

    Fda psm This course is no longer offered I understand?
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    CCTP - Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner, training course plus exam

    Weight of CCTP in the UK Interested to know who has completed this from the UK and their thoughts on it?...
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    Weighing up MSc's

    Well I guess there's not much advice going on this one then...
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    Weighing up MSc's

    Good evening all, I've kept an eye on all of the threads and discussions on here over recent years, but I am after up-to-date, objective views on deciding which MSc to go for. Although I have completed my degree and content in my current position (in the UK), I have had a year out catching...
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    Recruitment Agency issues

    Hi Lowpro55, As others have eluded to here, few recruiters have the experience in the industry and as such end up sifting many CVs (hundreds and thousands often) and need to thin out many in the process to get to a shortlist. Unfortunately there is rarely a set process or standard for this...
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    Security management course

    Hi Mac1401, Which (if any) did you go with in the end? R
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    security management courses

    Currently doing Bucks New Unis FDA in Protective Security Management if you need any info Royal.
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    FDA Protective Security Management. Bucks University.

    Hi Archie, An old thread I know, but are FDA graduates still able to access the BA Security Consultancy? Best regards, R
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    Bucks New Uni Foundation Degree in Protective Security Management

    That'll be a no then. Currently coming to the end of year one if anyone has any questions/queries about it then feel free to send over.
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    Ex Prisoners as Security Personnel UK

    Bit of a rant on the bankers/taxpayers etc. But essentially your summery is correct, the SIA need to address this with whichever government organisation is suggesting it. The SIA use the simple DBS (formally CRB) to check your criminality, you do the course (SIA has no impact on who does it)...
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    Finishing MSc in security & risk mgmnt Leicester Uni

    You can help me please Carmdale. I have done maritime and deserts, now I am back in uniform! (Don't ask) But my aim now is security management in th UK, nothing sexy, just a standard civi security manager, hotel, business etc. What would be your advice on a sarting point in terms of courses...
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    CSMP / CPP / certificate of security management. - advice/direction request.

    Hi McGeever71, I am in the same boat currently. Can I ask what you decided on in the end if I may? Cheers.
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