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  • Niall,

    you can see from the time scale how often i actually get on here now, apologies for the delay! Thanks for the reply anyway, London is a long way from home for me and there doesn't seem to be much call for my rural skills.. Cheers
    niallyan, just being nosey in response to your reply in thread asking about starts and bikers, hope you don't mind! How far up or down the country are you? Always found it a lot easier to hide a bike in melee down south, once you hit anywhere north ish then you suddenly become the only half with on the road in the cooler months...
    You sound like you have it all sorted, 12V DC from battery should be fine instead of the transformer, now the main part you need to put a fuse inbetween the power supply and the consumer units, you know the amp rating so just go online and you can find programs for working out what amp fuse to put in, dont forget to hide the recorder well incase it gets sused! hope this helps, Ads
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