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  • evening and Happy New Year,

    we are currently seeking a surveillance trainer and came accross your profile, please advise your availability and how to go forward.
    look forward to hearing from you
    kindest regards
    Hi, im new to the web site etc etc, were do you conduct your courses, and can you give me a run down of cost, the duration,
    Sorry I have not been in touch or on the site for a long time, been away, had a short break back home and now away again. Hopefully I will get the chance next time I am home . Regards
    yours aye
    Dougie, What your 2010 Cse Dates. Price. and duration. I live in NI, however I need to work it round my R&R..
    Hi Dougie,
    I am new here and i am intrested in doing a CP-Training. "mickworldwide" told me that you are my man. Last year I were in Novi Sad / Serbia at Morrigan to get some information about CP-Training and SIA-Standard. I hope you can help me to do a CP-Training.

    greetings from me
    Jock (Tony) Cousin SIA CPO Trained by CRG working on the circuit only for a short period of time but gaining experience on every job. I live in NI nw. Home from Pakistan soon would like to take the op to network with you and friends. If its ok can I give you a call on my rtn.
    I am on this network as Braveheart0807.
    my pers e-mail jockcousin@yahoo.com.
    yours aye
    jock c
    hi whats the next course after feb, do you know if they do easy payment scheme. cheers lildev
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