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  • morning, looking to maybe get into surveillance work as their is not enough TSU stuff out their.
    Would you advise doing a civvy surveillance course or would my TSU training and the surveillance awareness with you and george be enough.
    If a course - who would you recommend. (ive got the ISS book)
    Kev (bedspol tsu narpo)
    Dear Sir,

    Nippy, I would like to add you as a friend, as I am well impressed with the response answer you presented to me with in the forum thread.

    I have looked at your MO and I am very impressed with your past history And knowledge.

    I have also had a browse at your websites and I'm very interested with the professionalism you present.

    Therefore this gave me the momentum to write this visitor's message to yourself.

    Asking you if you would please accept me as a friend on CP world site.

    I'm looking forward to your response soon.

    Kind regards

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