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Recent content by nozzer

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    Cancer Care for Children

    Hi, This is from a good friend of mine who works with me in Afghanistan. He is trying to raise cash and awareness for "Cancer Care for Children" Rather than me tell you, ill post the link and any amount at all will help. There is also opportunity for publicity as the event will be televised...
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    Algeria CP required (urgent)

    A UK client is looking for a French speaking CPO, with previous 'in country' experience, to work with a private client in Algeria 8 - 11 Feb 09. Someone with a current Algerian visa would be preferred. Rate £350 per day. Travel and subsistence included. If you are interested then please email...
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    The problem with using GDP as a guide is, the GDP is simply a gross measure of market activity, of money changing hands. It makes no distinction whatsoever between the desirable and the undesirable (The Rich and Middle Class), or costs and gain. On top of that, it looks only at the portion of...
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    Perhaps a little deap for this forum, but it would be wise to read a little Dr. Ravi Batra. This explains why dropping wages has the opposite effect on the economy than what its supposed to (not just in our profession). The Global Financial Crisis
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    Seismic or Anti-Piracy Security

    Special Projects and Services have work on...Give them a call.
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    Urgent requirement for Saudi CP

    Sorry lads and ladettes, Im just the messenger, whilst i realise its impossible furnishing oneself with a Saudi Visa in a day. Its just an email i received and in turn posted it on here as im already working. I should have said it was only really directed at those with a Visa in hand. It...
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    Urgent requirement for Saudi CP

    Minimal Risk are seeking a CP Operative who holds a Saudi Visa to deploy to Saudi for approximately 5 days. Deployment is on Friday 9th January 2009. If you are interested and available then please call - 0781 774 2361 or the Minimal Risk office - 01432 360 643 Minimal Risk Consultancy Ltd...
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    Help needed!!

    Mark.Heley@control-risks.com Leader, Protection Services Dave.Knowles@control-risks.com adminhrman-afg@armorgroup.com Kevin Stainburn, Armorgroup (Afghanistan HR Manager) nb@aegisworld.com Nicola Bone ab@aegisworld.com Amelia Burdis tr@aegisworld.com Tom Reynolds
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    Employment Advice

    Youll find your next job usually comes off your last one (networking etc). This is also usually the time youll be "found out". Always good to try and make a good impression even if you inevitably come across people you dont have time for.
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    PSD and Convoy slots Afghanistan

    :rolleyes: Crack on mate and good luck. Noz Man Out :o
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    PSD and Convoy slots Afghanistan

    Now i have been accused of the dry sense of humour and probably need to curb it a little. Fingers typing and pressing send, before thinking syndrome. I blame it on everyone else though mate ( definately not my fault), why give me the rope. Stay safe mate. p.s any jobs going in warzones...
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    PSD and Convoy slots Afghanistan

    No groans from me Morrigan, Perhaps mate this question would be more suited to other threads, where it could be said i have intentionally wound people up, call it boredom.. This was a genuine question/comment. I really cant see the point of advertising jobs for mates. Why not keep it...
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    PSD and Convoy slots Afghanistan

    Totally agree Wullie, If it helps you out, fantastic, on this occasion i was thinking of the blokes who it wont help out, as they dont know him to reply. Whilst usually im all for winding folk up on forums and trying to start debate (just my fetish) I am also for helping people out if i can...
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    PSD and Convoy slots Afghanistan

    Totally agree Wullie, if it could be of benefit to the whole forum fantastic, keep em coming. Just cant see the point if its limited to friends. Like i said why not keep it to PM,s and/or email. You could see how this would wind some people up couldnt you? I could see it being a bit of a...
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    PSD and Convoy slots Afghanistan

    Now now AJ, Keeping ones knickers on springs to mind, this isnt the Ronin way...... I didnt need the point of the post to have anything to do with me, ok for work thanks. I was thnking of the other members who may have thought, why you just didnt keep it to email or PM, it seems at least one...
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