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  • Hello this is Kenneth Dunn

    Could you please have one of your team contact me regarding previous emails I have sent to the company via there officaly email and close protection world. I think it would be unprofessional for me to discuss this matter over a visitor message however I have left a private message for the Natioanl Security College containing my contact details.

    Thank you
    DWP funding.... this is just an assumption, but new Govt, new rules etc, I've heard nothing officially, but we havent heard from DWP in a few months...
    Hello Andy, just a quick msg..do you know if the funding is still available from the DWP to do the course? I live in the north east and are just coming up against brick walls all the time..cheers Eric
    Hello, sent an email regarding SIA courses this morning to your admin dept,
    not sure if it sent through or not as havent recieved a reply..
    neil short
    Hi, My appiontment with the Jobcenter in Cheetham Hill, Manchester didn't go to well, was told to "leave it with me" by the Manager (Wendy) so I made another appointment for 2pm Monday. They don't want to pay for my CP course with yourselves and it's clear to me I will have a fight on my hands. I think the budget has run out, I was told the european social fund has a £1200 limit attached to it per person and yet I see over 200 million has been allocated for Greater Manchester. Anything you can do to help would be great.
    Russell R.
    Hi just seen on your web site that you are doing courses without the residential option.
    Would you be so kind to inform us what are the prices for the hotels/b&b in the local area, so we can compare with the residential option please?
    Many thanks in advance and look forward to your answer.

    hi could you tell me if you are still doing the payment plan for the course. and please reply to robd82@hotmail.co.uk many thanks robert diren
    Andrew, I would suggest you stop reading any books, if you believe their content will be taught on courses, it's best to come into any training with fresh eyes and ears open, no book will teach you it all and may even impair your training.... just a thought!
    Hi Andy

    Many thanks for your quick answer. Reading The Bodyguard Bible at moment to get some information in before a course is booked.
    Very impressed that i can just turn up and have a look around.
    Will be seeing you soon. Of course i will call up and arrange a vist. Will a weekend be ok as Rachel and i can make a weekend of the area.
    Again many thanks and look forward to seeing you soon. Andrew Bowler
    Andrew, I'm surprised you havent had a reply, Eve is very hot on replying to everyone quickly.

    All of the info is on our website www.nsc.ac (see links on left)

    Fitness, we dont "beast" anyone, fitness is a personal thing, a general all round fitness level always helps, but we wont be running you round any hills!

    Open days... no, we dont set up open days as we prefer anyone to just come along on any day a course is running, that way, there's no sales pitch, no setting up "students" to talk to you and BS you about how great things are, you are encouraged to have chats with people who are at the course, whilst they are doing it, that way you get a better idea from them direct.

    Thinking of doing your Close Protection/ First Aid course in May 2010.
    Now doing homework just to make sure i am happy with everything.
    Would you be so kind to answer some questions please. As i have e-mailed you via your web site and called up and left my details but at this moment in time have had no answer.
    Firstly have you got the course price`s for 2010 and is there any funding i can find help with?
    I am now getting my fitness back up to when i was in the forces. How fit does one have to be for the course.
    Lastly do you have open days so i can see how good you are?
    Thank you in advance and look forward to your answer and really looking forward to May 2010.
    Mr Andrew Bowler

    I recently found a post of yours relating to transfering some G4 skills such as Armourer/Mechanic into the security industry. I have posted an open quetion in the ask an expert forum of this site but still waiting for a response. I would PM you but still a junior so unable to. I am an Armourer by trade and wish to continue with this on the outside when the time comes. Any steer greatly appreciated.

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