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  • Hey mate are you doing any contracts overseas. Yes I am looking again. NZ driving me nuts lol. Let me know
    Hi olks,
    nice to hear from you, I hope you and your family are well and safe.Many thanks for your message, I'm alright.

    I'm back in france since april 9, was 4 months in Gabon, 3 week's in Congo and 2 week's in Central-africa. Well, I got 2 week's holiday only, doesn't matter, "soon" I'm finished with my last contract with the Legion. From november 6 to november 30 I do my reconversion cours, the PCASP (Privately Contracted Armed security Personnel) especially made for anti-piracy teams, well, the cours is expensive, 4000 Euro's, but it's the french Army who paye for me ha, ha, ha.

    In september I do a firearms maritime PCASP 4 day practicum with EURO-TACTICAL, therefore I'm well busy until my retirement at the 20 november.

    But what's new with you, for which company do you work currently? Send a pm to me if you have time.

    I wish you a nice and sunny weekend, buddy, stay safe and take care.

    Legionary friendship
    Good at work another oficer driving me nuts..... so friggin lazy. Dam I need to get out of here.
    At least overseas you felt like you were part of a team.
    Last night on thank goodness.
    Still looking for jobs mate.
    Hi brother,
    nice to hear from you.
    Many thank's to will me get into contact with your friend, I will be grateful. Currently, I'm still waiting for my 4 months rotation in GABON, the last date about the departure was the november 10, I hope they don't change again the date.
    I wish you a nice and sunny week, once again many thanks for your help, if you need anything, just write.

    Stay safe and take care, legionary friendship,
    hey mate, just wondering how life went after you did the trojan training, did it open up any doors? how was the courses, easy to set up and complete? im in brisbane and leaving the military looking for a decent training provider
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