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  • Thank you for the response regarding the TSCM survey.

    It is for a single floor of approx 10000 sq ft, half of which are meeting rooms. I would be looking at the survey to be conducted out of hours and incorporating if not all, most of the following;

    Examination and verification of active radio signals in the areas.
    Radio Frequency Spectrum Interrogation
    Fluke Networks Aircheck WI-FI Tester
    Infrared Detection
    Non-Linear Junction Detection
    Telephone Integrity Tests
    Cable examination
    Physical Search

    I have already received a few quotes, but would be interested in more. Thank you.
    Cheers your not that bad really.
    Ain't got my license yet but hoping 2 get it asap.
    Just out of interest who did u do your cp course with and have you heard of anything good/bad about argus europe?
    your the 1 who started with the insults when all I was doing was asking some advice, if I knew I was going to get aload of shit I wouldnt of botherd signing up. Am looking for cp or maritime security work
    Hi AJ... same old, same old mate (RTD Group) , yes I can see where you are buddy so take care and make sure those 'Outs' are well planned and prepared... just come off the Hill, local one here, foul weather here at the mo and the winter has been a disaster. I have just come from the Gym and Pool... ok be safe matey and enjoy your tour... Carl
    Look u gobby wanker I dont give a **** if u av been on here 20 years, your obviously bitter cos like a dumb ass u paid for your course when u could of use grants that every soldier has available to them. I dont expect **** handed out to me, av spent alot of money on courses out my own pocket so dont give me shit for asking. If u look through the intros am clearly on there.
    What a knob thinking your the big man mouthing off ova the net, its pricks like u that always got dropped in the naffi bar, bellend. Stay off my post's
    I suggest u keep ur opinions 2 urself fella, I don't giv a **** if u payd for all your courses yourself, I dont care if it was my first post I was asking for some advice not for pricks like u to run your mouth. Its bellends like u this site doesn't need!
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