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Recent content by oyster09

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    OMG what is the world coming too G4S taking control of police stations now!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pyrene, I hear what you and littlewoman are saying. Its different to my experience and knowledge of the contract from people who know. I guess we have have to agree to disagree which is fine. Thanks.
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    OMG what is the world coming too G4S taking control of police stations now!!!!!!!!!!!

    My understand of Olympic budgets as far back as Sydney is that no city has accurately forecast it costing, staff or security requirements accurately. Excluding Beijing who solely used the military London 2012 was always going to be under forecast and it’s up to LOCOG and its partners to sort...
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    OMG what is the world coming too G4S taking control of police stations now!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s amazing. Every now and then a group of CPW members got on the forums and show how unprofessional they really are. I've worked with G4S on a contract in Iraq and was successful in securing a DM role at the Olympics. I have not accepted their offer as I have secured a permanent...
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    Act of Valor (Movie) - Real ACTIVE NAVY SEALS using LIVE AMMO

    Ok, it might be all hype and a lot of hooraa but this will be like no other movie that’s been around for awhile. The people who are cast as navy seals ARE ACTIVE NAVY SEALS. In an interview on FOX the directors said that the SEALS used "Live Rounds" in the movie and that there was no...
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    Updated Info on Bucks BA Security Consultancy

    Your pretty close Rupert, well done. BA(Arts) is a bulk standard "lower level degree". Most students will study subjects that are not as academic as the traditional Science, Medicine, Law, Economics and Marketing etc which require some serious study. A degree with Honours is not an automatic...
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    Olympic Specific Forum?

    With the Olympics fast approaching and the need to source accurate and reliable information about security and event matters, would a dedicated Olympic Games Forum be helpful? Keeping in mind that it will be open source material, a single point to exchange information may still help some out...
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    G'day mate. If you've Uk CP qualified I would drop your cv to companies like Aegis, G4S, Hart, Unity Resource (Oz Embassy Baghdad), etc. Companies are always looking for very experienced medics with Ops experience. Basically you will need to get your cv out there to get the work as its not...
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    President Barack Obama's Secret security booklet in gutter

    I wish, Annie. I live in the UK at the moment -silly me. Cheers, O.
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    President Barack Obama's Secret security booklet in gutter

    Hi Annie, Just to clarify it was the yanks that dropped the info, not us. And we call 'em Prawns!! Which do taste nice on the BBQ, Thx, O.
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    President Barack Obama's Secret security booklet in gutter

    Found this today, unfortunate example of poor security by so called professionals. ------------------------------------ The Age Newspaper Melbourne, Victoria November 18, 2011 Secret security booklet in gutter The misplaced program. DYLAN WELCH A CLASSIFIED booklet containing...
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    UK Sanctions Armed Guards on Ships.

    We all know live firing can't be done in UK but it still can be a component of a course and conducted overseas which is done by some very good training providers. Thx. O.
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    Former Australian soldier Gary Peters helps Gaddafi's son Saadi escape Libya

    I'm sure that if Mr Peters flies back to Oz that a couple of gentlemen from ASIS and ASIO may want to chat. I'm not suggesting that he has done anything wrong but it would be an interesting interview.
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    UK Sanctions Armed Guards on Ships.

    It was just a matter of time before the Govt approved legal carriage of weapons on British Flagged vassals. I'm sure there will be plenty of opinions on whether its a good idea or if it just raises the stakes. Either way, I'm sure training providers will be making the most of this opportunity...
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    Kate Middleton Undergoes ' SAS Training "

    Ya Richie, Thanks for posting the article. My comments are certainly directed at the source not you. O.
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