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Recent content by ozblu3

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    Re: Licence renewal, some questions

    Kewl, thanks mate.. I need all the help/luck i can get!
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    Re: Licence renewal, some questions

    Where can I read the Private Security Industry Act 2001, and any amendments made in particular to S7. I had a car registered onto my name, I was not the possessor of the vehicle, neither was I in fact the owner real owner, neither did I get the parking fines, and neither did I pay. Until...
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    Product Recall - Stab Proof Vest ‘STABVEST’ OR NEW STAB VESTS

    i had a stabproof vest a few yrs ago, only wore it a few times until i realised t'was a mistake. didn't fit and looked silly :@. Waste of £100. Ah well, it looked impressive to thew girls when i did wear it though lol. I've got the white one, 'met police' tag on it.. what should i do with it...
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    Can A security guard stop and search ur bags if?

    Sorry to hear about this incident, i can only imagine the huge upset caused to your mother by this improper security guard. However, i do know that it's the guard's discretion as to who he stops.. but a old lady with carrier bags certianly doesn't fit the bill (although it has been known before...
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    ozblu3 Introduction on 08th October 2008

    Dental treatment went great! you can't ell i had a broken tooth any more !! best of all it was free with me in and out of the practice in 15mins!! lol. AM so nervous! and doesn't help that i've not been paid yet! :@
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    Hipster! Mate, your post on the interviews was sooooo helpful, i just had to PM you to say...

    Hipster! Mate, your post on the interviews was sooooo helpful, i just had to PM you to say thanks!! I have a BIG interview tomorrow with HSBC at Canary Wharf.. I'm good at my job and alll those years (joke: i've been in the area for a mere 5yrs) have helped me learn the requirements of a topboy...
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    How Harlan Became a Bodyguard

    Yeah, thanks. WIll defo take a look. I've been considering getting intot he CP arena for a while now.. I';ve got an opportunity now and i just may have to take it up.. thanks again.. OZB
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    ozblu3 Introduction on 08th October 2008

    Suggested introduction template is below Q. Do you represent a company? A. No. I represent myself atm, although i do work for a company part time. Q. What area's in the Security Industry are you interested in? A. Q. What do you hope to get from the forum? A. interview questions and answers...
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