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Recent content by patrickg

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    What is your favourate Sidearm???

    True mag is the way to go. Even if you have a speed loader and you practise to high heaven your not gonna be faster then someone who drops a cartrage and slaps in a new one. Back in country (Kenya) my home country but the whole civil unrest thing is affecting everyone. Don't wanna get caught...
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    What is your favourate Sidearm???

    well not really. Not a licensed operator at the moment. I'm getting my Commercial Pilots license so i can pay for my training. I really want to get into CAT service. But i do hit the range when i'm back in my country. Only fired the USP twice but i loved it both times. Need to try the Sig...
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    Please someone give me information on close protection..?

    ALS anyone heard of it? Hi, i just wanted to ask has anyone trained with ALS or heard about them. And if you have do you know if its a top knotch outfit and is their training any good. Right now i'm wrapping up my Commercial Pilots license course and i'm looking for a great school to do a PSD...
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    What is your favourate Sidearm???

    Hi just wondering what side-arms people prefer. I'm particularly fond of the H&K USP, due to its high calibre round, great stopping power, durability, excellent accesories, ambidexterity and lets not forget the way it easily field strips. But hey i haven't used a whole lot of side arms so anyone...
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