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Recent content by paul2bess

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    Which First Aid Instructors Course ????

    Hey There, Well i have passed all the HSE first aid courses and FPOS-I and i have been looking around at first aid instructors courses and its quite confusing. It seems to me that who ever you pass with you have to use them as an Umbrella HSE training center so it works a bit like a franchise...
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    Lesson Plan/ Scheme of Work Advice for DS/CCTV/SECURITY training sessions

    Hey Guys, Thanks a lot i was un-sure about how it all works as i am stepping into un-firmiliatr territory but you have put me at ease thanks for your replies. Thanks Paul
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    Lesson Plan/ Scheme of Work Advice for DS/CCTV/SECURITY training sessions

    Hi There, Well im awaiting for my level 3 physical intervention course at the beginning of july and i just have a couple of questions for anone out there that maybe able to help me. i am looking for maybe like a template of a lesson palan and scheme of work that i can use so i can get a good...
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    security services contract template required

    i am def interested still new to this forum so don't know how to pm
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    security services contract template required

    hi peeps , i have taken a deep breath and decided to risk it and go it alone and set up my own security company right or wrong decision only time will tell. i have covered all the basics but am stuck now ..grrrrrrr i am wondering if there is a general template which i can personalise...
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    how to work abroad

    hi peeps ! i am looking for seasonal/ occasional door work/event abroad just wondering if anybody could point me in right direction Thanks
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    Work required in yorkshire

    Hi peeps i am an sia experienced door supervisor of over 15 years and due to a career change am seeking more or less full time hours on the doors i currently live in bradford but have worked in both bradford and leeds
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