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Recent content by Paul83

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    Appealing a badge over very small drugs charge.

    So the guy does cocaine, where should he work now? I can't think of a safe occupation he could do whilst on the gear, but i assume he had the wisdom to do this out of work. Lets put this in perspective, you can admit to drug use in your application to the police and still get in. If you...
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    Secret audio recording legality

    I read that earlier. It stated you wouldn't be able to record in military bases, prison or court, neither of those i was in. It also shows that for a "lone field recordist" they consider private as a persons dwelling or toilets etc. Checking out the bbc link on that site it states...
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    Secret audio recording legality

    I was hoping someone versed in the data protection act could tell me if recording audio in a corridor of one of her majesty's buildings was not breaching it. If not, can anyone recommend a solicitor that is? Its their word against mine essentially and they told a fib. Kindest regards...
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    Working for two companies at once

    If you are doing a zero hour contract then nothing is guaranteed and id take my chances. Also, if the client likes you then most savvy employers and their avant-garde companies will turn a blind eye and ignore the fact you can't do Friday, Saturday and know A) they always got someone else to...
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    Canary Wharf Job

    For what its worth Canary Wharf have their own in house security i.e. the police officer lookalikes they get paid 27k minimum, amazing pension, free bupa healthcare, gym membership (i think gym is free) plus other goodies. From knowing a few guys in there moral is really truly low it is...
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    Vegan diet?

    I don't have the time currently but i will try and provide links and other material to help educate us all on regarding this. "(Meat) They'll only give you the bad fats( cholesterine)" Think that is a mis-pelling but im interested in what part of cholesterol you think is bad and why. to much...
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    Event/Film/Location Security position wanted

    Ok when i saw a guy guarding a production set i was told he was on £25 an hour is this true because in recent posts it seems minimum wage...
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    Event/Film/Location Security position wanted

    Whats the rate of pay for security on film sets?
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    Vegan diet?

    Sieg the body makes cholesterol it needs it. Its a precursor to all hormones and trying to reduce your consumption of the stuff is pointless since the body will just compensate. Vegetables are only as nutritious as the soil they were grown on which get a fair dosage of chemical fertilizers and...
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    Need help with nutrition? Look here.

    Unless your on a fish only diet your dependent on the soils minerals not being depleted and the animals diet particularly. Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium, B6, vit c. Magnesium in supplement form raises mag levels but you can get the additional benefit of raising your own DHEA hormone using...
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    SIA Licence Renewal simple caution

    wow Phecta, it amazes me sometimes how the internet can make a person feel bullet proof i can't believe how the OP hasn't bothered to respond to your completely unbiased, un-assumptive holy sympathetic comment. There really is no need to be so provocative and making assumptions based on a one...
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    You just said a few posts above they get paid naff all. Pyrene if you find a company that isn't interested in image over grey matter let me know :)
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    First aiding on the side?

    I have been on quite an intensive 3 day first aid course trained in CPR, Defib etc;are there any first aid jobs in the London area? Besides St Johns, any other first aid companies that pay approx 9ph quid or more? I know this is a security forum and this subforum has nothing to do with first...
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    is it self-employed and will they ask anything other than your national insurance number? edit Is the 9.50 for days/nights or is that the flat rate any time of day?
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    Advice please

    To the OP if you don't have a career plan and have hopes of winning the lottery chances are your going to be in security for a while. On the upside i know of a guy that has been very bad over the years received a caution for ABH and because he had no indictable offences on his record (as of...
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