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  • Hi, Paul
    I have applied to get into Paramedic Science for the past few years and recently applied for this year. Although every year I have attended interviews, my main failure was lack of experiences but now I have gained many. But there is still a chance I won't make it because the level of competition. So I considered to look into Open University. However I recently found out that their students are sponsored by their Trusts so they are able to do placements. I contacted my nearest Trusts including East of England, South East, London and South Central Ambulance Service and they all said they don't do sponsorship's and plus they didn't give me any more information or advice. So I felt let down and confused. So Paul would you have any idea, any information and advice will be much appreciated.
    Hi Paul,

    I don't know if you could help me at all. I'm looking into getting into the Ambulance Service and eventually becoming a paramedic. I was wondering what the options are for me? I have 12 GCSE (A*-C) but only 1x A-level and 2x AS Levels. I don't think I can get into a university with these grades; plus none of the course were an applied course i.e Science (which I've found they often ask for) Do you know of any other way I can get into the service without qualifications?
    I heard that they've scrapt the 'work you way up' route now... So the only way in is either becoming a Student Paramedic or going through uni?

    Any help / advice on this would be great.


    had to contact you on here as not able to email for some reason, some time ago you answered a question about where to go and do you ihcd tech course, and was hoping you could answer me the same question
    Hello mate, just tipping my hat to you. Seem you have a good head on your shoulders unlike some individuals on this website. Just out of curiousity ref that last post i noticed blokes trying to get on an IHCD course from outside the service, am i mistaken now and there is outside agencies willing to teach these ambulance chasers. Not trying to slag them off or anything that low but have had more than my fair share of these halfwits calling themselves medics out where i belong, sacked the last 2 as they had good underpinning knowledge straight from the book but when it came to producing thegood wernt up to the task as they "hadnt been shown that on the course". Anyway mate, please to meet you

    Paul Mac
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