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  • Hi Paul. I am moving to the wirral this week and am after some close protection work. Is there much up north that you know of? Add me on face book as I don't think I have all the privileges on here and not leaving mob numbers etc. FB richie wood
    Hi Paul, I am still serveing until March and iam looking to go into CP work is there any advice u can give me, iam a very moteavateid in any work i do, I also have a crimanl recode for miner things would this stop me going into doing CP work thanks. Jason
    Hi Paul, i was wondering if you could help me get started in the world of CP work and Static guard IRAQ etc, i am currently leaving the Royal Marines after 12 years service but i cant gain an SIA licence due to failing a crb however do you know of any none UK companies that i can look at for jobs, thank you mate. Adey
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