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Recent content by Pepe

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    Weider fat metabolisers

    Guys, just to top and tail some training I have started taking Weider fat metabolisers as prescribed on the bottle. What I have noticed is that I am occasionally short tempered, and "flashing" more usual. There are no other changes to my diet at all that would account for this and I wondered...
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    Black Sand Force any Info

    Just a quick update... web site no longer in existance. Have looked / searched and no trace in any other guise. Chin chin
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    Is this the same girl?

    I agree with most of the above. The eyes and upper facial on the subject image (image 1) dont appear to match 2 & 3. On first glance at the smaller images they are close but when enlarged thay dont match.
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    best IHCD edexcel course provider

    Hope you dont mind me getting in on the back of your request Miles? Paul... can you copy me in on that PM mate. Currently in Afghan but looking to add to my medical skills at some stage in the near future. Regards Bill
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    Who is the best

    A good team can be brought down by an individual. A bad / iffy team can (in certain circumstances) be brought together by the right TL / team member. Doesn't matter who you are... ... you're only as good as your last job!
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    Is it legal for a nightclub bouncer to seize my property?

    In a nutshell without going over the top that just about sums it up! I have recently done some door work and that is along the lines that I worked.
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    psd work

    Bloody hell! Thats less than CRG! :o CV away! :D
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    More head-aches for the SIA?

    7 December 2007: Qualifications awarding body Edexcel has discovered that a number of candidates have been wrongly issued with BTEC Level 3 Close Protection certificates. This is the result of an error in their systems. Edexcel notified the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (its...
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    CP Training Advice

    Last time I spoke to some of the guys on DPG at the Met, anyone showing an interest in Diplomatic Protection were snapped up unless they were a complete numpty. So much so that some of the older more experienced guys were concerned at the lack of "time served" as Police officers before joining...
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    Females in Close Protection

    I would always put a team together with the task in mind. A well balanced team that complement one another works well. Male, female, short arse, brick s**t house, or the six foot Addonis... it matters not. Skilled, professional people chosen for the right job is what counts. As to the six...
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    The Peter Jenkins! ? :eek: *Gets on hands and knees* "We are not worthy!" :D I too have your book (sorry 'bout the coffee stains on the cover and the dog ear pages, what can I say... it's well used! ) I do see a surge in the training market in the near future. If the SIA (bless 'em) put...
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    Close Protection and Surveillance Operator

    Hi folks I have posted a couple of times here already but thought it was time I put my intro in the right section. I am a qualified Close Protection & Surveillance Officer (SIA licensed). I have also operated in “hostile†environments and have recently (May 07) carried out a HECPO course...
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    Are Norton systems the new Mafia protection agency?

    I just re-read that... "... backed up on a data-stick..." Ooh err... sounds painful ! LOL:D
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    Are Norton systems the new Mafia protection agency?

    I found the same. Stopped using Norton because it just slowed things down too much. After I removed it I found I was getting simular messages. I tried all the usual anti whatever wear (AVG, Panda, Spy-bot etc) to get shut, but ended up doing a system recovery. Pain in the arse I know but if you...
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