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  • Just working as a rent boy in the toilets at Picadilly Manchester, would love to give you more details but being as your a mad keen faggot I wouldnt want you jumping on the next plane out of baggers to spend all your well earned money on me !!! Glad your still alive and plodding on and I hope to see you around on the circuit. Your Avater looks proper gay like you. Mine is fuc-ing cool lol speak soon, stay safe!!!
    hiya mate, hows the job going? let me know how you are and when your back. stay safe mate. speak with you soon. pm me if you get the chance
    pepe it's rik did you get over there ?wot is it like if you did let me know and keep in touch asp
    hello pepe563,im steve8141...i have been looking at doing the wilplan c.p course...any advice/tips etc would be appreciated...dont want to waste cash on some thing that wont help get me a start in the industry...any pointers would be appreciated mate...thanks for your time ...steve8141
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