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  • hey mate are you running faaw in easter week i have a person looking then she cant make tbe 4, 5, 6 mate cheers ed
    phecta lad in subgroup on linkedin wants info on your faaw course in march mate

    all the best ed
    Just finished FPOS (I) course with PHECTA. Excellent course run, thoroughly enjoyable and a lot of skills learned. I'm off to HE shortly and feel a lot more confident after the course. Good value for money and friendly team as well. Cheers guys
    Hi Phecta,

    See you are in the Rhonda valley spent 2 yrs in Brecon myself, even got married in the Cathedral.

    Just registered as Para looking to move on, any info on RMSI Medical solutions Company.

    Hi , I did post on the welsh security page and ed suggested I talk to you , I want to do the cobra medic course but wanted to know as an EX CMT 1 would i still qualify for a place ?

    hello! I'm sorry to bother you ... you ever hear of Horace Potra in Romania? diplomas offered by it are recognized in Europe or the world? thank you
    to Phecta is there any problem with the places on your course in FEB as i need conformation of a place so i can book the time off and your courses have the best REP from other users on CPW sorry for being a pest but i need to know thanks edmunds
    to phecta can you pm me with the details of the FAW course and how do you want payment cheers edmunds
    hello PHECTA any chance i could have a PM with that info many thanks edmunds
    Hi Phecta, i have a military background and have been looking into paramedic courses / jobs. Do you know if once i was state registerd i would be able to maintain the required levels as well as working in the security industry. Would i be able to keep current enough by working for private companies and or bank staff. Would really like to end up as full time paramedic but also want to get some experiance on the security circuit and earn some decent money before settling down and concentrating on a paramedic carear. Am IHCD tech qualified and am looking at the worcester uni 6 month undrade to paramedic. Any advice would be gratefully recieved
    hi there

    i was just wondering if you had any contacts with getting remote medic jobs? i am leaving the army soon and would like to make some contacts and find job opportunities. any help?
    chearss man ... i`m from romania and i wana attend to some courses for military and medical courses becouse i whana come in uk to study and work. what do u recomand me?best regards ray
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